As a result of the increased PE funding, Thorner’s has now trialled (2016-17) and launched in 2017-18 our PasSPORT to Sport Scheme.  This scheme is designed to help enable pupils to make more of the good links we have with a range of local clubs offering professional coaching out of school hours.

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We are aware that for parents, sports coaching can be expensive, especially if two or more children have multiple sports interests.  It can also be a barrier to participation in high-cost events/activities.  As such we have allocated part of the increased PE funding towards getting more of our pupils into regular coaching at clubs ranging from Sailing, Golf and Swimming to Cricket, Rugby and Trampolining. 

As an example, this summer we have used it to enable 20 KS2 pupils to attend a 6 week after school sailing club which has enabled them to pass their RYA Level 1 sailing qualification.  Now they have passed this qualification, they can then attend the Portland Sailing Academy Weekend Sessions for further coaching at a cost of only £10 per session.

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The cost of obtaining this RYA Level 1 qualification is typically £120 and has proved a barrier to many children attending the Weekend Club (even though at £10 per session this subsequent cost is extremely reasonable); as the cost of passing the initial exam itself is prohibitive.

However, by running it weekly in the summer and making a group booking for our school we negotiated a price of £106 per pupil for the RYA Level 1 course and exam.  We have then allocated £56 per pupil from the Sports Premium money to ‘match-fund’ a parental contribution of £50 (Pupil Premium children have this additional £50 paid for out of their Pupil Premium allowance). 

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It was great to get out on the water with the children and see all of them pass the course!