To celebrate the 800 year anniversary of the Charter of the Forest, Thorner's have been busy in their Discovery Area
sweeping leaves, clearing, stacking logs, weeding and making compost. 
In fact, engaged in many of the same activities that were enshrined in the Charter of the Forest way back in 1217! 
Mrs Cox runs Eco Club every week and the children love to get out in the Discovery Area with her especially with the weather so fantastic this Autumn! 
To mark the anniversary the school has set up copies of both the original and the modern charters at the entrance to the Discovery Area.  

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On Friday the 3rd of November we had a bonfire in our Discovery area, the children had hot chocolate and biscuits provided by the PFA. 

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In the afternoon all the children worked in their house groups to make Guys to put on the bonfire. 
This was a house competition, and the winners were red house (Ernest Shackleton).

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