Our Discover Thorner’s Fair on Saturday 7 October was a real treat! 

The weather was kind – the rain held off – and the children enjoyed games, crafts and just being outdoors. 

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There were lots of games on offer - skittles, Beat the Goalie, Treasure Map, Name the Teddy, Guess the weight of Litton and Chesil classes, apple bobbing…. 

There were crafts including making copper jewellery, peacocks using shells, cress caterpillars and picture frames. 

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There were cake stalls and pony rides, freshly pressed apple juice (using apples from the Discovery Area), hot dogs and home made soup.

 We had live music in the field – thank you, David – and the TSA provided excellent refreshments.

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The Discovery Area had been especially spruced up for the occasion – a big thank you to the helpers who gave their time over weekends and holidays.

The event raised nearly £700 which will be used for the development of the Discovery Area.  

A huge thank you to all our families and friends for their support.

There were a lot of entries in the Children's competitions


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Vegetable Animals

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